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Tax, Accounting & Software

17 Years– Big 4 – Fortune 100


Specializing in Tax Provision ASC740 (FAS109), ASC 740-10 (FIN48), Tax Compliance, Software Implementation and Financial Reporting including 10K / 10Q.  Highly Adaptable at meeting ALL Client’s Needs.




OTP (Onesource Tax Provision) Implementer

OIT (Onesource Income Tax) Implementer

Power Tax Provision Implementer

FAS / BNA Fixed Asset Implementer

Corptax Administrator


Other: AACTS, APLUS, Prosystem FX, Tax Dimensions, Fixed Asset CS, Oracle Fixed Assets, Taxstream, SAP, Hyperion, Oracle, People Soft, Infinium, GreatPlains 7.5, QuickBooks, Omega, BNA Tax Management, Superforms,CCH Tax & Accounting, RIA, Lexis-Nexus, Access,  PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Suite


Proficiencies & Expertise:

ASC740 (FAS109)/ASC740-10 (FIN48): Domestic & International.  Review & prepare all aspects ie: ETR, Account Rollforward, Deferred Inventory, ASC 740-10 Inventory & UTP memo's, 10K/Q presentation. Best Practice OTP implementer. Define & prepare pre-implementation for Corptax Integration of complete ASC 740 process including ASC 740-10 reserve.  Integrate Corptax and Power Tax Provision softwares. Process & efficiency expert.  Manage & review up to 7 staff.  Establish process, procedures & documentation for compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, ASC 740 & ASC 740-10 and all compliance processes.  Design, implement and integrate full tax cycle.  Present Finance executive management analysis for up to Fortune 200 company (Qtr: $100 Million P&L/$1.5 Billion B/S).


Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures/Spin-offs/Inversions: Due diligence, Transaction Cost Analysis, Legal language review, Exposure assessment, Compliance and Provision on/off boarding. 338(h)(10) elections, 382 analysis and application. Basis and partnership allocation assessment and review.


Restatement: Mediate, reduce and eliminate tax exposures for ASC 740 and ASC 740-10 (reserve @ $1.4billion) for distressed fortune 150 company with 3 Revenue Restatements whose material weakness was directly attributable to tax shortcomings. 


International: ASC 740, Earnings & Profits Study. Review & prepare: 5471's, 5472's, 8858's, 1120-F's, perform E&P studies & analysis.  Prepare transfer pricing models and adjustments.


Federal, State & International Income Tax Compliance: Review/prepare tax compliance including large consolidated filings w/ disregarded entities (1120, 1120S, 1065, Disregarded Entities, K-1’s), bifurcate corporate reporting units to legal entity reporting, Unitary & separate state compliance & California Worldwide filing. Perform NEXUS studies. Identify and correct NOL issue resulting in additional $3+ Million in current year tax savings.  California amended returns for penalty protection purposes.


Tax Software: Implementation, Integration, Support, Review and Remediation.  *Best Practice Standard*


Sales & Use: Review, revise & prepare filings for 35+ jurisdictions.  Perform necessary analysis and updates on access database for tax reporting purposes to create efficiencies & accuracy.  Research & advise on NEXUS issues for sales transactions.


Basis & Low Income Housing Credit Analysis:  Quantify & analyze basis in partnership (ie. disregarded entity) investments, including credit analysis for Low Income Housing investments (guaranteed & non-guaranteed).  Appx. 90 entities over 10 + year period.


Legal Entity Maintenance:  Manage all state registrations. 


Audits: Manage & Prepare Federal & State Income, Property, Sales & Use, State & Local audits. 


Tax Fixed Asset Integration: Implement tax database, set tax rules, craft reporting parameters, create template wp’s to accomplish both compliance & deferred calculations.  Integrate with Corptax Deferred Report.  Process & Protocol Creation and Documentation.  Up to $30 Billion in PP&E.


Goodwill Impairment: Scope and calculate Deferred Inventory & FIN48 inventory to aid in Goodwill Impairment project.


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