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Our Expertise

Provision ASC 740
(fka FAS109)

Audit, review and prepare all aspects of Corporate provision for all scales of companies and corporate entities.  Whether your needs are for monthly, quarterly, annual SEC reporting requirements or satiating bank convenants, we cover all aspects of the Tax close and financial statement presentation process including management reporting and software enhancement and implementation.

Tax Process Maximization

Department analysis and process review of all aspects of tax cycle with special focus on maximizing technology and creating efficiencies to allow for a painless and manageable tax cycle.  Ensure appropriate SOX standards to anchor in all processes and provide ease of Audit cycles and assurance in accurate and complete tax information.

Software Management

Scoping software products based on Companies needs, size, complexity and ability to maintain product.  Administer, Integrate and Implement tax software products to maximize provision, compliance and fixed asset needs and allow for data management to feed upper managements analytical needs.  Ability to marry Tax Technical with Tax Technological, the number 1 source of implementations failing.


Ability to perform all Tax Compliance requirements from Federal, to International and inclusive of all states and entity structures.   Experience across all tax and accounting software platforms and ability to coalesce between the tax department and accounting.  Timely and efficient preparation and review to ensure every deadline is met.



E&P study: inclusive of model architecting based on risk level embracement or aversion. 

Reorg/Inversions/Acquisitions/Mergers: Transaction cost analysis, contract review and application and documentation necessary to quantify and substantiate through IRC tax positions taken. Worked on largest inversion in US history.

Restatement: Mitigate SEC restatements due to tax issues. 

Fixed Assets: analysis of deferreds and clean up of software databases inclusive of analysis of GAAP capitalization policy and maximization of GAAP to Tax database to ensure efficiency and accuracy with ever changing tax law.

Sales & Use: transactional analysis and structuring to alleviate unnecessary tax burdens when available

Management Fee Allocation: Analysis and implementation of GAAP management fee allocations to ensure maximum tax savings at a state and local level

REIT: Audit GAAP accounting to ensure proper accounting under REIT/TRS umbrella, maximize software to ensure ablity to analyze data in a timely and productive manner.


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